English-speaking language school abroad

Studying in language school of English-speaking countries

Recommended language schools in the Philippines

If the language school of English-speaking countries are thinking about studying abroad, we definitely recommend the Philippines. Is not surprisingly known, because the Philippines is a country that English the third most in the world is spoken, educated with a solid, to the teacher that has passed through a rigorous examination, the beautiful English without accent I talk. Moreover, English in the Philippines is the American English that the Japanese are accustomed to hear. For cheaper prices, even if it receives eight hours a day luxury classes of one-on-one, monthly tuition is you need roughly 150,000 yen. Of course, three meals meals and home even with the. Tuition is half that's four hours and only takes about 100,000 yen. It would also be good to the If you examine the Philippines of the school have not decided the language school.

Trying to short-term study abroad at a language

That it is listed as features that the study in language school, is that it is often made in a short period of time when compared to study abroad with the university. For this reason people come to study the English language by using the long-term vacation very often. Be mentioned as a major benefit of the short period of time studying at a language school, it can point to suppress the cost. Although in the costs by country differences, it will be expensive basically. Long-term thinking of the cost Even if you have to give up to stay abroad, it is possible to go to feel free, if a short period of time. Also cited as benefits in the case of people who are already working it may not significantly alter the lives of up to now.